Train at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh



I’m a massive fan of music, and always have been, so I was very happy to be able to photograph Train in my home town of Edinburgh at the Usher Hall on the 28th March. I’ve been listening to Train for a while now and more recently their album California 37 has been on repeat and has become one of my favourite albums. I decided that the next time they were in the UK I just had to go and see them live. Unfortunately I don’t pay as much attention to gigs as I used to and by the time I realised they were playing it had sold out. However, luck was obviously on my side as the opportunity to photograph them came around. 

It was great being able to photograph while listening to their music including a couple of my favourites (’Drive By’ and ‘Soul Sister’). The guys were all extremely lovely as well which made the experience even nicer.

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