Kids Fashion Shoot: Behind The Scenes


Recently I did a shoot with 3 gorgeous young girls at Glencorse House (a lovely wedding venue in Edinburgh). After having worked at a family studio for just over a year, I decided to shoot some children’s fashion work for my portfolio as I found out that I actually really enjoy working with kids. 

I had several cute outfits prepared for the girls to wear and a great location so I was really excited on this shoot and extremely glad that it turned out to be a sunny, although freezing cold, day. I had my good friend, Alex Spencer with me as my photo assistant on the day! Couldn’t have done it without her as I required a lot of reflector holding to bounce the natural light back onto the girls to light them. 

I was working with 5 year old Amelie and Lily and 8 year old Zara who’s mums kindly agreed to let me photograph them. They were all absolutely fantastic little models! With young children you have to be very aware that their attention span doesn’t last very long (30 minutes is about standard) so I was concious of this while shooting with Amelie and Lily. However, I needn’t have worried as they managed to last 3-4 hours, posing away as little models. Of course I had to have a lot of patience while they had their moments of silliness and fun but it never worries me during a shoot as it’s what being a kid is all about, I just go with the flow! 

With the shots of the girls together I really worked hard to place them in positions which both looked good and appeared natural. When you have two excited children, achieving this can certainly be a challenge. You’ll often find that one child will have relaxed and will be sitting perfectly but the moment you get the second to pose exactly as you’d like, the first shifts or runs off again. As I mentioned above, patience is the key, and sometimes when you do just let them act as they please you capture some of the best shots because they are 100% natural. 

I’m really pleased with the outcome of this shoot as the whole look of the images were a little different from my usual style. All the shots are lit with natural light, with the help of a reflector to bounce some back onto the girls! 
A few of the finals can be seen below! I hope to continue with some more kids fashion shoots within the next few months :) 

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