La Rose Noire


Last week I had a new editorial out in Ellements Magazine Nov ‘13 issue. (It can be purchased here.) I’ve been looking forward to revealing these images for a while however I had to wait until they were published. 
My make-up artist Sarah Mitchell approached me with the original idea for the shoot and soon we were brainstorming away together. Personally this is one of my favourite things about collaborating with other creatives as your ideas grow and develop as you bounce thoughts and visions off of one another. We used Pinterest a lot to create a story board of visual influences for the shoot.

My Pinterest inspiration board for the shoot. 

The general idea behind the shoot was good vs. bad, with our model dressed in white being innocent and good, and the model dressed in black being troubled and dangerous. We named it 'La Rose Noire’ as we felt that it’s meaning, The Black Rose, worked well with our idea. Throughout the day of shooting we called the good model 'Rose’ and the bad 'Noire.’ We began the shoot with individual shots of Rose and then slowly began to introduce Noire. Sarah and I saw Noire as a symbol for depression and when she first appears Rose is scared of her and the mental thoughts she may bring. Eventually however, Noire manages to influence Rose and draws her in to her less innocent world.  
A few days prior to the shoot I took a trip alone to the planned location, a reservoir in my hometown of Edinburgh, to decide on specific areas which would work well for the images. Before the shoot I also spent time planning out every single shot individually including model, clothing, makeup/hair, location and props.  It’s always a good idea to do this as it means you can fully plan in advance. This saves time and means that everything (hopefully) runs smoothly on the day. 

Pre-planning for one of the shots.

We unfortunately had a last minute stress the night before shooting when both the planned models suddenly couldn’t make it the following day. We couldn’t postpone the shoot either as we already had clothing and the rest of our team prepared and ready to go. Luckily the models Lynn Mathieson @ Superior and Lynne Jefferies stepped in at the very last minute and saved the day!
On the morning of the shoot I was extremely glad to wake up to nice weather. Planning a shoot weeks in advance always leaves you with the dreaded weather forecast worries of not being able to check the forecast (on the other hand, how often is it even accurate anyway?!). 
I had a lottttt of equipment to carry on this shoot including an extremely heavy battery pack which I struggled to carry at all. I couldn’t have managed without my assistant on the day, Nick Normandin, who was a total champ and carried a stupid amount of weight around for me and made my job MUCH easier. 

Nick carrying my heavy lighting equipment.
I began by shooting a couple of images of Lynn (aka Rose) up in a tree with her skirt trailing down. Although it didn’t end up in the final editorial, I loved the fantasy feel to the shots. We then headed down to the water where we took a further few shots of Lynn in a gorgeous butterfly headpiece and arm-piece by House of Halos. Following this we wandered over to the forest and took some shots with Lynne as Noire as well. She was wearing outfits by Imaginarium Apparel which were absolutely stunning. The designer, Rachael Forbes, also came along on the day to help style the outfits and make sure that they looked exactly as they should in the images. We ended late in the day (we must have being going around 8 hours by this point) back down by the water to take some final shots of the two models together and a couple of Lynn in the water itself (thanks again Lynn!).

The solution when you don’t have a ladder.
Here’s a short little behind the scenes iphone video from the day:

Overall it was a very long day but it was definitely worth it! It definitely helps when you have a great team and I can’t thank mine enough!
To finish off a hard days work I went along with Sarah, Lynn and Lynne to KFC and Krispy Kreme where we all scoffed our faces with long awaited food. We totally deserved it though right?! :)

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