Love Story: Sophie + Daniel


They met in December 2010 while working together at the same store and 7 months later officially became a couple. As they say, the rest is history.

Four years later and it's obvious that they are just as loved up. Sophie and Daniel have supported each other through university, celebrated their graduations and have been on great adventures together. They've visited many places including Krakow, Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome and London but their hearts will always lie in their favourite city of all, Paris. Aside from travelling the world, they love spending their time together going to the zoo, having picnics at the park, chilling watching Netflix and going for long strolls on the beach. There's also two new additions to their little unit, Crumbles the bearded dragon and Kevin the hamster.

It was a pleasure to document Sophie and Daniel's love at one of their favourite jaunts, Cramond beach, in their home town of Edinburgh. We had a great day capturing memories, I'm positive there's many more to come! 

Cramond was the perfect location for their love story with it's mix of seaside and gorgeous fields....

They often enjoy a day at this gorgeous beach together.... 

Sophie and Daniel's love is obvious from the way they look at each other!

The yellow flowers we discovered in this field made it the perfect place for a photoshoot....

Here's to many more beach trips together! :)

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