Hey there!

I'm Siobhan (pronounced Shi-vawn) and I'm a wedding and fashion photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

I photograph in and around Scotland as well as destinations throughout the world because I absolutely love to travel. It's my aim to experience as many different cultures as possible throughout my lifetime and I'm privileged to be able to say that my career can help me achieve this. Occasionally I blog some images from my travels as I love capturing new places and people. 

I've always been an extremely creative person, I loved spending my early years doing all sorts of arts and crafts at nursery. My parents bought me my first camera while we were on holiday in Madeira when I was 10 years old and I've loved capturing images ever since. I still remember the excitement I felt when we headed to the store as I was finally going to have control of taking my own images; that excitement towards photography has stayed with me ever since. After leaving school I immediately began studying professional photography and 4 years later I graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree.
I mainly blog about my wedding and fashion photography however some of my posts focus on inspiration, music and travel as all of these things strongly influence my life.  

If you would like to work together please get in touch! Alternatively, if you're planning your wedding I would love to hear all about your special plans. Feel free to visit my website or email me at info@siobhanstewart.com for more information.